Medicine of Ancient Egypt: from the first dynasties (3500-3000 years)
Beginning with the first dynasties (3500-3000 BCE) in Ancient Egypt there were the "houses of life", which along with mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and other Sciences studied "necessary art" of medicine.…

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Ice beauty recipes
Homemade recipes youth is primarily folk recipes that don't require much money, but at the same time are very effective. That is why many of them are called my grandmother's…

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Types of tea and ways of its application
Tea – a drink for all seasons. But tea is used not only in food industry but also in cosmetics and in the treatment of various medical problems. There are…

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In the treatment of pigs will help the grass

Sometimes it happens so that, once in the morning in a pigsty, the owner finds boring, sluggish animal that doesn’t react to the arrival of a breadwinner, no matter the food itself. In this case, it is immediately clear that the pig got sick. Like humans, sick animal immediately it is desirable to measure the temperature. The pig is considered normal in the range 38-40,5°C. It is measured with a thermometer introduced into the rectum of the animal. In the presence of either low or high temperature, should immediately contact a veterinarian for assistance. The most complex procedures performed by verbatim and simple to execute and the owner of the animal. Sorry; now in the drugstore in rural areas often lack the most necessary medicines. Therefore, the owner of the pig should know the medical properties of plants, to be able to make them to dry and prepare different medicinal formulations. Don’t worry, sometimes the grass can help much more effective than the most expensive modern medicines.

How and what can you make from herbs? This infusions and decoctions – water extract from herbs. Chopped raw pour water at room temperature and heated in a boiling water bath: decoction 30 minutes, the infusion – 15. After which they were cooled: a decoction of 10, and the infusion of 45 minutes and filtered. Infusions prepared in the ratio of raw materials and water 1:10, and of ergot, herbs Adonis, Lily of the valley, root of Valerian – 1:30. Impurities added to the broth after cooking. Store in a cool place for up to three days before use vesbaltarve.

Often in piglets infest the worms, they urgently need to expel, otherwise the animal will stop gaining weight until exhaustion. They can be overcome without the help of vetrabutine – home remedies. Good medicine is garlic. Finely crumble it and set in the feed rate of 1 g per 1 kg of live weight of a pig.

There is another anthelmintic – tansy, a medicinal plant with bright yellow flowers-umbrellas (common name field Rowan, histogen). Tansy is harvested in August-September and dried. The flowers are rubbed and spiked in food: one teaspoon for little pigs with a live weight of 30 kg and a dining room – an animal weighing up to 70 kg or more. Do so. Garlic and tansy to half the ratio of brewed in two cups of milk and pour into the feed.

Prepare the medicine in the morning, during the day time to clean the released parasites and manure, where a lot of helminthic eggs, but it is better to douse them with kerosene and burn. Contaminated manure should not be buried in the ground or used as fertilizer. Every other day prepared the drugs should be given again, and then make a new batch, and so within a week or two.

When the intoxication of the organism of piglets and the occurrence of diarrhea are useful decoctions of Flaxseed, rice, barley and oat flour with the addition of glucose, Ichthyol, salol and 1-2 eggs 1 liter of water.

Decoctions give 100-400 ml 3-5 times. Effective use of decoctions of leaves and bark of alder, oak, feeding of crushed acorns, charcoal.

In pigs there are cases of poisoning of salt – when fed with salted food waste, fish, vegetables, pickle. While the animals may have excessive salivation, vomiting, experience the feeling of thirst, nervous excitement, convulsions. This pig give fresh water in unlimited quantities, sometimes introduce heart funds.

Folk medicine, herbal treatment
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