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Physical therapy of prostatitis

Along with other popular types of therapeutic treatment of prostatitis, such as drug treatment. herbal medicine. acupuncture. compliance with therapeutic diets, physical therapy is one of the main therapies in the complex treatment of prostatitis and its forms.

The importance of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment methods of prostatitis are used for patient treatment, for example, chronic prostatitis and out-patient, in particular for the prevention of possible complications of prostatitis. It is also worth noting that physiotherapy is actively used in sanatorium treatment.

Experts say that without physical therapy for the treatment of such a difficult and insidious diseases such as prostatitis cannot be effective treatment and achieve sustained remission.

Physiotherapy methods and techniques use

For treatment of prostatitis in service physiotherapy involves many different methods and techniques, here are some of them:

Water and heat treatments

Physiotherapy or physical therapy and massage


Laser therapy and a number of other valuable modern fizioterapevticheskie

Application of physiotherapeutic methods in the treatment of prostatitis can be done in several ways:






The effects of physical therapy in the treatment of prostatitis

PROSTAM device for physiotherapy of prostate

A rich set of physiotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of prostatitis and its forms can achieve many positive effects. Further, the most important ones we list:

Improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs and pelvic organs, including the prostate. There is a saturation of the tissues of the pelvic organs with oxygen and nutrients brought by the blood. In addition, the prostate tissue is better and easier to penetrate antibacterial drugs, which speeds up the process of dealing with harmful microorganisms.

Improved permeability of the membranes of prostate cells, it also promotes more rapid penetration of medicinal substances from blood directly into the cells of tissues.

Physiotherapy promotes lymph drainage from affected tissues, the lymph is responsible for the withdrawal of the decay products of the inflammatory toxins.

Improvement of the processes of blood and lymphatic circulation, helps to relieve swelling, and decrease pain and the inflammatory process subsided.

Improved circulation eliminates and prevents the development of stagnant processes in the prostate gland.

Marked functional improvement of the pelvic floor muscles, which are better be reduced and become more resilient.

Increase regeneration processes, which leads to more rapid tissue repair, increases resistance and the resistance of cells to damaging influence of microorganisms – viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

The restoration and improvement of metabolic processes leads to normalization of functions of pelvic organs, including the prostate.

The unit Andro-Gin for physical therapy prostate

Physiotherapy techniques lead to a reduction or elimination of pain symptoms, have a calming effect and generally stimulate the body’s defenses for fighting disease. It is important to note that statistics shows that all physiotherapy well tolerated by patients, and that when their purpose has virtually no contraindications.

The diversity of physical therapy methods allows individual selection for each patient. It is very important that physiotherapy can be performed without long-term negative consequences for the organism.

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