Folk medicine, herbal treatment
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The cultivation of medicinal plants as a business
The South of Ukraine, and especially Crimea, due to climatic characteristics are prone to the cultivation of medicinal herbs. Today, people are beginning to understand that drugs and preventive tools…

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Chicory: the benefits and harms of chicory

Chicory is a beautiful plant with blue flowers that grows near the roads. Some people consider it a weed, but it’s not.

Chicory can be divided into wild and cultivated, used for salads. Sometimes it is used as coffee, what is not desirable. Its root is almost fifteen meters and contains a lot of easily digestible substances, which are used to prepare tea and coffee drinks, cakes and often it is added to candy.

As with any plant that man uses to improve health, there are the benefits and harms of chicory.

The benefits of chicory

Traditional and folk medicine widely uses chicory. Chicory root contains 60% inulin – polysaccharide, which is essential to diabetics as a sugar replacement product. The use of chicory promotes vasodilation, relieves attacks of tachycardia, has a calming effect on the nervous system, improves functioning of the digestive system.

There are recipes of traditional medicine, including chicory, which is used in the treatment of the liver. kidney. spleen.

Chicory is an excellent tonic remedy. It is used to treat skin diseases, eczema. chronic hard to heal wounds. Amazing product gives exceptional chicory stimulates the human body eliminate him in the morning, is an effective substitute for coffee (soluble chicory).

The dangers of chicory

However, there are some contraindications of its use. Better not to use chicory if you suffer from hemorrhoids. varicose veins. diseases of blood vessels, bronchitis or chronic cough.

But if chicory is added to various drugs, he gives them a wonderful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, stimulating the appetite is to accept the chicory to reduce the high temperature in time of viral infectious diseases.

At present the tincture of chicory lovers and connoisseurs of this drink you can buy anywhere. Previously, when it was very difficult to find, it was necessary to produce a tincture of chicory at home.

Continues the discussion of useful and harmful properties of chicory. Very often used chicory in the form of tincture, as an external agent. In the treatment of atopic dermatitis, furunculosis, psoriasis, eczema tincture chicory is drying in nature and helps reduce inflammation in 3-5 days.

The cosmetic industry uses chicory to create a variety of medical conditioners that promote growth and improve hair structure. When treating baldness and for restoring hair growth are used preparations containing chicory.

Good effect on the muscular system of the eye, nourishes it, improves eyesight juice of chicory, mixed with celery, carrots, parsley. Popular rumor says that thanks to this composition, they restored the eyesight, get rid of various defects and abnormalities.

Useful and harmful properties of chicory are very close to each other. Contraindications associated with the use of chicory, lies exclusively in its composition. Of people who are prone to allergic reactions, ascorbic acid, included in chicory, may cause profound consequences. If you add the chicory even in small doses in many dishes can cause an overdose of vitamin C.

Gipervitaminozu as dangerous as lack of vitamins, everybody knows that.

Chicory is a very useful plant that deserves very close attention. It is important to apply it in an uncontrolled manner is impossible. Will bring many benefits to the human body only use it in minimal doses. Definitely try this product maybe you will become a true fan. God bless you!

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