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Folk remedies of treatment of cervical erosion

Every second woman, who was diagnosed with cervical erosion. before you start treatment with modern methods, uses folk remedies. This disease has been around for years, and folk methods there are a very large number. But we should not forget that such treatment your health can not only improve, but to deteriorate.

What are the folk remedies of treatment of erosion

For the treatment of cervical erosion of national procedure apply only in cases if it is small in size. All methods are based on the introduction of douching or tampons soaked in medicinal tinctures. It is necessary to warn that during the treatment it is strictly prohibited to have intercourse.

Traditional therapies there are many, here are just some recommendations that can be found.

1. A piece of gauze folded into three layers put a teaspoon of honey. Then take out the gauze tampon and insert it deeply into the vagina. In the morning pull. On gauze can have spotting, do not worry, this is normal. When will start the healing process, the blood will not.

2. Take the pumpkin flesh along with the seeds, wrap it in gauze in the form of a tampon. Insert the tampon into the vagina overnight for four days.

3. Take half a Cup of dried calendula flowers, pour in a jar and pour 500 ml of natural vodka. Put in the sun and nastavitev for two weeks, then strain. Every morning, dilute one teaspoon of this tincture in a glass of boiled water and printouts. The course of treatment lasts 21 days. The procedure you need to start doing on the second day after your period.

4. Mix 1/5 teaspoon of castor oil, 3 teaspoons of aloe juice, 1.5 teaspoons of honey. Moisten the swab in mixture, and enter at night into the vagina. This procedure should be repeated for 15 days. This morning spansules infusion: a tablespoon of dried marigold flowers pour boiling water and let steep for 20 minutes. Then strain.

5. Hips grind and mix with flour in a 1:1 ratio, add a little vegetable oil. This mixture warm in a water bath for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Then strain. Within 14 days every night make this mixture tampons.

6. In an enamel bowl pour 1 liter of purified water. Add one tablespoon of powder of pure copper sulphate and burnt alum. Stir and bring to a boil. Cook for about five minutes, then cool and strain. Obtained blue water pour into a dark glass bottle and store in the refrigerator. Dilute a tablespoon of this solution in a liter of warm boiled water and spincoating at night for 10 days. The procedure must be initiated only after the end of menstruation.

The risk of treatment folk remedies

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion variety. But before applying any of these, be sure to consult your gynecologist who will help you to select the most optimal method of treatment.

No need to abuse folk remedies in the treatment of gynecological diseases, because it affects your health. Douching and using tampons with a variety of ointments and tinctures from herbs will not do much harm to your body, but also unlikely to improve your health. And the time will be lost. Cervical erosion is a disease that can cause the running forms of cancer, if it in time not to cure. Do not experiment with your health, listen to the recommendations of the expert.

You should not self-medicate and should seek quality advice from a specialist. Today radio-wave method of treatment of cervical erosion is the most effective and safe.

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